More on healing lameness

When we read Hebrews 12 on chastening we realise that as a Hebrew writer the author knows well the Hebrew Bible. It has been said that the New Testament is the explanation of the old–this is true. The Old gave us types and shadows the New gives us the real thing the substance. We should…… Continue reading More on healing lameness

You the lame beggar healed

After the Lord has been speaking to me recently and dealing with issues of bitterness in my heart I realised He has been speaking to me the same thing for years! So I posted the last post which was from January 2016. Yet even after that amazing revelation and work in me I still have…… Continue reading You the lame beggar healed

Breaking word curses and vows

During times when we have failed miserably in some way the enemy presses us to speak in line with his accusations whispered into our minds. At those times and in those seasons of high stress we may have uttered word curses about ourselves in some area of life. You may have failed at work and…… Continue reading Breaking word curses and vows