Jesus my Wonderful Saviour

Maybe I am being a bit silly writing this, but you know what I don’t really care what anyone thinks. You see, I am a man. I work in a trucking yard with other men…manly men. Yet Jesus is real in me and He also is a manly man. Love does not know fear. Love…… Continue reading Jesus my Wonderful Saviour

Does many mean all?

It is amazing how the blinkers blind us from what the Bible clearly says. When we have preconceived ideas about God’s Salvation we have already decided how many people are going to be saved. Yet Scripture clearly tells us that Jesus is the Savior of all men, yes, especially those who believe. 1Ti 4:10  For…… Continue reading Does many mean all?

you are called into His image

Yesterday I heard the DJ on a Christian radio station give his little preach on Romans 8:28. You know one of those little preaches at the end of the News segment which is supposed to encourage you and me? These days I can barely listen to what passes as Christian teaching. What the brother said…… Continue reading you are called into His image

The end of an age

I get the sense that we are in between two ages–the outward church age and the inward age of Tabernacles. For two thousand years the church in her immaturity has tried very hard to be like Jesus. But that time is coming to end. I believe that I like many others have been called even…… Continue reading The end of an age