The Nations

The nations are like denominations — “I am Australian”, “I am French”, “I am British”,—it’s all rubbish! We are all one people wherever we are born. Just like denominations separate themselves from each other so do nations. The day is coming when the nations shall not learn war any more. That day is when we finally see God in the face of each and every one no matter where they come from or language they speak.

So called ‘National Pride’ and patriotism is no different than any old pride– IT IS STILL  PRIDE!  “God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble”

There are no ‘great nations’ only people who need Jesus in order to know God as Father.

The proud nations always fall.

They think of themselves as a Great Nation but are self deceived placing their trust  in their military might  or economic power. How  quickly that all unravels!!

One nation falls and another rises to take it’s place. Each nation thinks of itself as better than the one that went before as ‘top dog’ and ‘super power’.  But what is the fruit of the nation?

Is that nation bringing forth the fruit of righteousness? Love, Joy, Peace and kindness? Are the poor and the elderly looked after?  Is their injustice in the land? Does innocent blood cry out from the ground?

There is a nation that God has His eye upon. That nation is filled with people who know they are not better than anyone else.


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