Blocked fuel lines cause engine to fail

In a dream I saw a 4 engine fixed-wing plane fall out of the sky but before it fell from the sky you can hear the motor sputtering and turning off and then trying to start the motor again but it failed to start it was obvious that the fuel was dirty and being blocked the fuel lines were blocked and the engine would not start the engine failed and the plane fell from the sky killing those on board.

update 7th Nov – On Friday 5th at 3.30pm-Brazillian Country singer Marília Mendonça  killed as plane goes down in Brazil. She was 26.  Crash near Cataringa Brazil.

The crash happened at about 01:30am my time on Saturday 6th –about the time I had this dream! I posted this article  at 08:44am


In the natural world especially to do with the human body the engine is the heart and the Brain, the fuel lines are the arteries and fine capillaries supplying oxygen to those organs if they become blocked through plaque and calcification or through some other clotting process the engine fails.

In the spiritual Realm or spiritual life those arteries and capillaries need to be clean and open to supply the life that is needed by your vital organs this speaks of faith and confidence in the word of God vs unbelief and fear which will block your arteries.

The most effective blood-thinner is faith in the living word of God not just faith in Jesus himself but more specifically faith in those scriptures which speak directly on healing for instance by his stripes we are healed.

Yet an even more powerful way that God has given those who believe in Jesus to be healed is the sharing of communion. Paul said that because you do not understand or rightly discern the body of Jesus Christ many are sick and many have died..

The broken body and the shed blood of Jesus Christ are to be consumed by an active acknowledgement of our faith when we take the cup and the emblem of his body, be it a biscuit or bread and we rightly understand and spiritually discern that we are eating the body and blood of Jesus Christ given for us for our wholeness… for our sozo, for our Salvation. Then through a Faith transaction healing and life are shed abroad in your heart and in your physical body you are quickened and made alive through Faith by the working of God, by the energia on god.

So we should not neglect so great a salvation. God has provided the broken body and the shed blood for your healing and in these days as often as we meet together be it just you and Jesus you and your wife or husband or as a church share together in the body and blood of Jesus and receive the healing that is in the atonement.

The Syro Phoenician woman said that that the crumbs that fall from the masters table are the healing that is the children’s bread. Healing is your bread. Healing is your right as a child of god and God wants you to be whole and healed physically and he’s provided a way for you to do that but because we do not regard these emblems because we do not discern that we are eating the body and blood of Jesus in a faith transaction many are sick and many sleep. In other words many died God is saying I will protect you from sickness I will protect you from dying from plagues and diseases if you will have faith in the blood and body of my son for his body was broken for you and his blood was shed for you.

And so I declare this day healing for the nation’s is found through Jesus Christ. The life, it is said is in the blood, and the life that you need is in the blood and today there is an attack upon the blood of humanity. But there is a man, a human man who shed his blood that eternal blood that spotless blood that if you will partake and share in his blood be it a cup of juice, and if you will mix Faith with that drink and mix faith with that emblem of his broken body you will receive healing from whatever it is that is afflicting you. This is my Covenant the new Covenant made with the blood and body of Jesus Christ.

see why you need to be trusting fully in the blood of Jesus.

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