Arrest warrants served

In prayer I heard that arrest warrants are being served tonight all across this land on every corrupted official.

[update 9/11/21 @ 2050pm: I posted this at 22:10 – 7th November 2021 WST in Australia without any knowledge of the arrest of the Pfizer CEO in the morning of Friday 5th November   – I am 13 hours ahead of New York here being +8 UTC.

These arrest warrants are being served in the spirit to these ones who are in league with the evil unseen ones. As they have threatened so they are now receiving ultimatums of their own.

I heard the lyrics by Dylan “I see a light come shining from the west unto the east…any day now, any day now, I shall be released.”

From the west shall flow the burning brightness of His light and glory….unto the eastern shore of this land…setting the prisoners free. Those framed and set up as the bad guys shall be released and totally vindicated.

God is breaking chains …and prison bars are opening.

The longing of every heart is heard by the Lord and His hand is not short that he cannot save. Our God shall come like the rain and wash this land of her filthiness. A cleansing stream…a fiery stream issues forth from His throne which has come to rest upon this land.

The captive exile hastens…the day of release is here!

I heard the declaration of armies of angels.…legions and legions of bright armed warrior angels going forth to make war upon those who seek to destroy this nation.

These angels are visiting those corrupt ones in the night season….in dreams and encounters to serve upon them arrest warrants and ultimatums. “Choose well” I hear Him saying. Your life depends on it.

Cease and desist orders have been issued from the court of heaven and who shall annul it. God shall enforce his own orders with shouts of victory.

I heard declared that the gleaning of the olive trees is here….as when the wind shakes an olive tree and the ripe fruit falls to the ground….so shall those ready to come to Jesus be harvested now….it is beginning now!

A time of great ingathering is upon us. Many shall come!

I saw that the Lord is even now visiting the Aboriginal peoples of northern Australia with a mighty surge of his Spirit. They shall stand and declare with great authority and demonstration of the Spirit – “Let the people of this land go!!!”

We shall triumph…and we shall see it with our own eyes…for we shall be a part of this great end time event…the great harvest of souls which he has purposed since time began.





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