2 thoughts on “Pleasure

  1. YOUR will be done on earth as it is in heaven…How can that happen if the earth that our bodies are, designed and created to receive and transmit God, are changed by this injection into something else? Your post is important, Den. I see many who have taken this jab, in order to carry on as they desire, in their lives. A friend, who is a widow, took it as a result of her only child threatening to cut her off from her only grandchild. It is sad to see…Two of my four children live on different continents from me and I have had to accept that I may not see them again…What Heavenly Father gives is of such value, greater than all else…Showdown time…!!! Strength to us all!

    1. I had in mind Father”s cry to come out of Babylon lest you share in her plagues. Why dont we come out….because she is our mistress who meets our needs for pleasure. Woe woe woe.

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