Misfits time to rise and shine

Years ago I went forward to the altar in a charismatic meeting at New Day church in Perth and the Pastor prophesied over me “You are misunderstood by those around you….” I was thinking about that word yesterday even though it was so long ago….about 1992.

In 2003 the Lord led us out of the Pentecostal church we were serving in. We went back into another couple of churches in 2007 to 2010 but again the Lord led us out and we have remained outside the camp ever since.

Then tonight I was prompted to go to Lana Vawser’s site and the word below astounded me and blessed me.

Recently I heard the Lord speaking the words over many in the body of Christ, “I am bringing you into context now and in this era”

The Lord began to show me so many have felt like they haven’t ‘fit’ and many of these ones have even been labelled as ‘misfits’. They have felt like square pegs in round holes and have continued to live their life in a wrestle. They have been told to conform, to change, for what they carry is ‘too different’ or doesn’t fit a ‘way’, a ‘style’ or a ‘mould’.

So many of these ones have lived under condemnation and apology for who they are and what they carry. They have often retreated to caves to hide because they continue to feel like they are ‘out of place’ and ‘misplaced’.

The Lord showed me many of these ones have been so deeply ‘labelled’ in a negative sense but the Lord is saying “I am removing….Go to her site

Another thing I want to share

On the 14th October I bought a pocket New Testament on Ebay. It was posted in the USA and was not supposed to arrive until Nov 13 to Nov 30th.

On the 10th November the parcel arrived and inside was a handwritten letter ….

How amazing is the Lord?!!

She did not know me and had not read what God showed me some time ago which I have written on my about me page concerning healing and restoration here in Western Australia.

Manjimup is a city set upon a hill –a light that cannot be hidden–a place of refuge and healing –a place where many shall come and find complete healing and restoration inside of a relationship with Jesus Christ.

I declare that Manjimup has long known darkness but the time has COME that light shall break forth as the dawn and healing shall spread through the streets like water over flowing from the Lord’s cup.

Sweet waters shall replace the bitter– for many in this town shall see it with their own eyes and taste it with their hungry tongues.

For there is a cry that has NOT GONE UNHEARD by the Father –a cry and a longing for connection and for healing and for restoration!!

So strong is this cry and the cries of many who have already died and gone onto the other side that it is permanently before the eyes and heart of the Father…and He HAS HEARD…and He shall ACT for the compassion of Jesus is present to heal in this town–in Manjimup….the place of edible roots…a city set on a hill–

A place where living waters shall flow and many hearts shall grow…a place where the love of God shall be seen and felt and known—for the Lord God –even Jesus Christ shall visit this town and lift it up out of the gloom that it has sat in for so many years.

God is NOT FINISHED with this town…God shall visit this town –and a people shall rejoice and be filled with great joy as they see healing breaking forth and lives changed and the broken things mended.

The time is come for Manjimup to blossom and bloom and she shall be a city that blooms like the rose and not a place of gloom and darkness.

The bitter roots shall be healed and become sweet–and as that is done so the whole plant shall be renewed and word shall spread far and wide that sweet waters are flowing in Manjimup town…and a song shall be sung that shall melt the hardened ones and those who have no hope shall hope again!

For the Father has heard and Father is moved for He knows the thoughts that He has for Manjimup thoughts of peace and not of evil to prosper and to bless and build up what was pulled down.”

penned 27th Aug 2021

I have no idea how Father can do this! Or whether we will be a part of it.

But the thing is when her letter arrived it was lunchtime in my working day. This is what I wrote to the seller that day….

New message from: calledtorestore
On my way home from work 4 lunch I asked the father to confirm again his call and his will for me at this time I got home and read your letter which had me filled with the spirit and in tears. I am a truck driver and must either get vaccinated or resign. My boss is waiting for my decision I have been waiting for God’s confirmation so you can imagine why I am crying even now as I speak this message into my phone while driving a semi truck. thank you sister for being sensitive to father you hold a special place in my life from now on.


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  1. O Dennis Our Father is sòoooò FAITHFUL. I am overwhelmed with thankfulness for you and all of us who are waiting on Father for our next move. He is able and willing IF only we stand in faith on the rock Jesus Christ. I am claiming the same prayer for Maclean area A place where the Scottish people arrived and built a strong Christian community. So many churches here. Thanks for this miracle all the way across the ocean .The aroma of Christ is spread abroad.

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