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Good News

In 2010 the Lord led us to leave the church we were in and in 2011 after battling inner issues attended by depression and battles with guilt and shame I came to a place where I cried out to God to remove the blockage in my heart that was stopping the flow of His love reaching me and flowing out from me. I know that such a prayer could be argued to be unscriptural. But any way–in answer to that prayer Father led me to read the first book seen below–by J. Preston Eby -The Savior of the World. What can I say but that the Lord broke through!! So wonderful!! And though it places us outside of what is thought to be mainstream theologically….I found that this view was the predominant view in the early church and once you see it you see it all through Scripture!

God has sworn by Himself that every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. And it will indeed happen. There are still eons to come……it aint over till it’s over baby!