This Kingdom

Even though this song was first sung in 1995 the Lord has quickened it to me today as a prophetic word to sing over Australia TODAY!! HIS KINGDOM HAS COME!! Geoff Bullock – “This Kingdom” VERSE 1: Jesus, God’s righteousness revealed The Son of Man, The Son of God His Kingdom comes Jesus, Redemption’s sacrifice…… Continue reading This Kingdom

When Christmas is over – Pastor Geoff Woodward

My first pastor was Geoff Woodward in Perth, Western Australia – a man filled with the Spirit of God. This short message from Boxing day brought me under a shower of the fire of God. Be blessed by the Holy Spirit- let Him encourage your heart through this wonderful brother and man of God. Pastor…… Continue reading When Christmas is over – Pastor Geoff Woodward

One Hour One Mind God’s purpose fulfilled

Can we give thanks in all things and give thanks for all things? Even in the situation we all find ourselves in today both personal and national even on a world wide scale? We may not be able to give thanks because of the magnitude of the negativity we are bombarded with by the enemy…… Continue reading One Hour One Mind God’s purpose fulfilled

The end of an age

I get the sense that we are in between two ages–the outward church age and the inward age of Tabernacles. For two thousand years the church in her immaturity has tried very hard to be like Jesus. But that time is coming to end. I believe that I like many others have been called even…… Continue reading The end of an age

Is God successful?

“God was in Christ reconciling the world to himself,” writes St. Paul. And Jesus said that He came to “seek and to save the lost (or perished)” Did He succeed? He cried out on the cross “Father forgive them…” and “it is finished.” So was it? And did the Father forgive them? Did the “Lamb…… Continue reading Is God successful?