Be led by the spirit

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not on your own understanding In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths” is something amazingly true. (Prov 3:5,6) “In all your ways” acknowledge Him. Not just some of your ways but all. That requires  we talk to God about our ways.…… Continue reading Be led by the spirit


LORD we place a hedge around the Tongan people in Jesus name. May they call upon you and be saved. The small green circle is just beneath Tonga.

PUR fect plan backfires through prayer

Esther 4 Prayer

Esther 4 is where Satan in Haman was defeated. Why? Because Mordecai and Esther gave themselves to PRAYER to the Great God who answered their prayers. I was totally blessed to read the apocryphal account of this story in the Septuagint which includes the prayers of these two desperate saints who were facing annihilation. After…… Continue reading PUR fect plan backfires through prayer

Role and pitfalls of a watchman in the current season

Let me share a dream I had this morning before waking up   I was walking across a car park at night…and out of my left peripheral vision(to the left side) I noticed movement….looked and saw it was a snake. Went over to it, about 5 or meters to my left. As I got closer I…… Continue reading Role and pitfalls of a watchman in the current season

Simon the Sorcerer

Bitterness has a way of staying hidden away usually covered over by pride. If left unhealed or not dealt with all sorts of problems occur. Some people who have been thought of as ‘great’ have had a secret root of bitterness which drove them to attain position and power as a way to compensate. One…… Continue reading Simon the Sorcerer