The Gates are open!!

Gates are important structures. This morning Father told me to read Psalm 24. I knew that it contained word about Gates. I read and declared it’s declaration in faith into the heavens. “Lift up your gates ye princes and be ye lifted up ye everlasting doors, and the king of glory shall come in.”  (Ps…… Continue reading The Gates are open!!

Page 938 part 2 Isaiah 14 surprise

Earlier today (Saturday) the Holy Spirit gave me the page number 938 which turned up some of Isaiah 13 and 14 – The two chapters where Isaiah speaks a word against Babylon. Later in the afternoon I was led to look the chapters up in the Greek Septuagint version translated into English by Lancelot Brenton…… Continue reading Page 938 part 2 Isaiah 14 surprise

Page 938 in my Bible brings encouragement

After reading  prophet LANA VAWSER on the root of fear being burned out by the fire of God I asked God for word to encourage us in this hour and He said page 938. In my Bible that turns up Isaiah 13:17 to Isaiah 14:10. The Spirit of God came upon me as I read…… Continue reading Page 938 in my Bible brings encouragement

You are about to come into a good place

” You are about to come into a good place.”  A woman I have not met in real life said that to me in a dream last night I know I am in a good place already. Yet I say Yes and Amen to the Lord. Maybe this is for others as well. Job 36:16…… Continue reading You are about to come into a good place

A Saviour on a Hill

O how there is such a prophetic anointing today -Thursday 30th December 2021!! An anointing of higher things!! Today is the New Beginning. Today the Matrix is shattered and the prison house is opened! “The Land is filled with hope and destiny this day. The land is calling to the heavens The heavens are answering…… Continue reading A Saviour on a Hill

The Great Southland Australia

Another prophetic declaration sung over this land of Australia. In 1995 Darlene Zschech came to Perth and with a team of worshipers including the wonderful Michael Battersby (the guy in the middle of the 3 tenors) joined the West Australian Symphony Orchestra. The song’s title is interesting. From an article  at Military History Fandom the…… Continue reading The Great Southland Australia

You should have listened to me and not incurred this disaster and loss

Apostle Paul was being taken to Rome to stand before Caesar as Jesus said he would but in between Jerusalem and Rome was a voyage across the Mediterranean Sea. Being a prophet(Acts 13:1) Paul perceived stormy trouble ahead for the ship and it’s crew. He told them but the majority were persuaded to sail on…… Continue reading You should have listened to me and not incurred this disaster and loss

Hope against Hope

I frequently visit the area around Point D’Entrecasteaux and actually brought a rock home from the beach that a storm pushed up onto the beach recently so I did some research into the name and God encouraged me through it and I believe it will encourage some of you too. As I write it is…… Continue reading Hope against Hope

Two Gods only one shall remain

There is an inner anguish and a desperate cry within the hearts of all —–They want to cry out to God to save them!!!! BUT!!! They dare not cry out to God because they do not believe He loves them…. They have believed the FAKE NEWS That God is a tyrant who only plans for…… Continue reading Two Gods only one shall remain

Lana Vawser speaks comfort to the Remnant

I HEARD THE LORD SAY “PEN THESE WORDS TO THE REMNANT” Recently I felt the Holy Spirit strongly wanting to encourage and minister to the remnant in this hour. He spoke “Pen these words to the remnant” – so I sat at my computer and I asked the Holy Spirit to come and speak and…… Continue reading Lana Vawser speaks comfort to the Remnant

New Beginning

abstract sun burst with digital lens flare light over black background

As often happens with me as I begin to open my mouth and share things that are happening the Lord Jesus reveals more for my learning and edification. This morning here in West Oz at about 9a.m  I was sharing with my wife about spiritual things to encourage her soul and mine that even though…… Continue reading New Beginning

Made for the High places

Driving a prime mover towing a semi trailer….I was going along the highway and then turned off into a right hand turn…down a hill then I began to go up hill but the road became steeply slanted to the left so that there was a risk of truck tipping to the left down the hill…which…… Continue reading Made for the High places

Jesus disappointed Judas

Whenever Jesus uttered declarations in the Spirit Judas and the others interpreted his sayings through the filter of the carnal mind. Judas Iscariot hoped Jesus would cause a revolt and throw off the oppression of the Roman occupation. Yet Jesus had no such plan. The Roman oppressors were there in the land of Palestine because…… Continue reading Jesus disappointed Judas

Today may your heart be put at rest

God does make a distinction between those who have come in and those who still have not come into Jesus. The shaking of current events is sifting and separating –people are brought into the valley of decision. There is a sighing coming from the hearts of many who do not know Jesus. In work places…… Continue reading Today may your heart be put at rest