Getting back on our bike

God does not change. His ways are still the same as when He dealt with Israel and today dealing with our stubborn hearts. Our refusal to obey God leads to chastening or trouble coming our way.  But then  when an enemy is allowed to rise up and overcome us we then blame and hate on…… Continue reading Getting back on our bike

How the Centurion believed

Today I pondered before the Lord what it would take for the tough men in my town to believe in Jesus and immediately I was reminded of the Roman Centurion. So when the centurion and those with him, who were guarding Jesus, saw the earthquake and the things that had happened, they feared greatly, saying,…… Continue reading How the Centurion believed


Tenielle Neda Vanity: Time goes on You can chase it but it’s moving on If you listen you can hear its song Trying to reach you through the darkest night Money talks You can taste it it’ll take your life If you hold it to your heart too tight It’ll take away whatever it gained…… Continue reading Vanity

My Word that goes forth

Our Father is one very determined person. He rests fully inside the certain knowledge that His Word shall not fail. We know that His Word is Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Jesus is the very Word of Father made flesh. Yet also that same Word, Jesus,  is now manifested as you and me. You are the…… Continue reading My Word that goes forth

Resisting the authority

The Bible tells us that the authority that now exists is appointed by God. This simple statement of God’s mind is very clear. That means that if we live in a nation which is governed by a corrupt authority which oppresses it’s citizens that authority was APPOINTED BY GOD. Therefore the issue is not the…… Continue reading Resisting the authority

More on healing lameness

When we read Hebrews 12 on chastening we realise that as a Hebrew writer the author knows well the Hebrew Bible. It has been said that the New Testament is the explanation of the old–this is true. The Old gave us types and shadows the New gives us the real thing the substance. We should…… Continue reading More on healing lameness

Simon the Sorcerer

Bitterness has a way of staying hidden away usually covered over by pride. If left unhealed or not dealt with all sorts of problems occur. Some people who have been thought of as ‘great’ have had a secret root of bitterness which drove them to attain position and power as a way to compensate. One…… Continue reading Simon the Sorcerer

Leaking heart

When your heart has a leaking valve so that it leaves you feeling exhausted after walking or even simply talking it’s not very encouraging. It is like digging a hole in dry sand…it keeps caving in. Many people have this problem. They may have been born with it and not know. They just think they…… Continue reading Leaking heart

God’s swearing habit

Lately the Holy Spirit has been bringing to my attention how God has a habit of swearing. For about a week now, phrases from Scripture would come floating by my mind without me trying to think them up.  The one I am impressed with is from Hebrews where the Spirit writes: Heb 6:12 that you…… Continue reading God’s swearing habit

At your wits end?

Our lives can sometimes seem to swing so far from the centre that we get terrified and lose all hope of finding our way back again.  We are all different and I don’t pretend to know why other people swing out wide on their particular journey. But I believe that God has all of our ups and downs in Him