The Sydney Morning Herald reported the following on August 16th 1920  SADHU SUNDAR SINGH. INDIAN MISSIONARY IN SYDNEY. REMARKABLE EXPERIENCES. One of the most remarkable mission workers to visit Sydney arrived here by the Sonoma yesterday. He is Sadhu Sunda Singh, a native of the Punjab, a Christian since the age of 16 years, and…… Continue reading SADHU SUNDAR SINGH A REMARKABLE CONVERSION

My Beliefs and Message

I believe in One God the Father and His Word the Lord Jesus Christ whom He sent forth from His own heart. I believe Father is spirit and as such He is everywhere present at all time. He is not located in any specific place more than any other place for then He would not…… Continue reading My Beliefs and Message

Durance becomes Esperance

God is a Master story teller and uses real events and people including you to tell His story. I don’t  mean that you sit there and read a story to someone–but that you are a character in God’s story that is ongoing and unfolding. What you are going through together with others and inside of…… Continue reading Durance becomes Esperance

The chains are broken

It was a funny thing that on the last two mornings of my employment I had to use a set of bolt-cutters to cut through a metal chain and also a padlock. My employer keeps a ‘Forklift’ or ‘fork truck’ locked up in a small enclosure behind a local business so we can use it…… Continue reading The chains are broken

Hope against Hope

I frequently visit the area around Point D’Entrecasteaux and actually brought a rock home from the beach that a storm pushed up onto the beach recently so I did some research into the name and God encouraged me through it and I believe it will encourage some of you too. As I write it is…… Continue reading Hope against Hope

Made for the High places

Driving a prime mover towing a semi trailer….I was going along the highway and then turned off into a right hand turn…down a hill then I began to go up hill but the road became steeply slanted to the left so that there was a risk of truck tipping to the left down the hill…which…… Continue reading Made for the High places

Accursed things in the home

The following story is from a long diary type article I wrote about my ministry trip to Uganda in 2008. In it I talk about a Balinese religious(Hindu)mask that I tangled with and what happened. How did it come about that a married man in his forties with 3 children under 10 years of age…… Continue reading Accursed things in the home

Leaking heart

When your heart has a leaking valve so that it leaves you feeling exhausted after walking or even simply talking it’s not very encouraging. It is like digging a hole in dry sand…it keeps caving in. Many people have this problem. They may have been born with it and not know. They just think they…… Continue reading Leaking heart

Lame shall leap like Naphtali

Why the Deer? While in a time of prayer on the 5th January 2016 the Lord revealed to me that I am descended from the tribe of Naphtali. Whether God means that I am physically descended or He is using it as some spiritual metaphor so that I will search out things in Scripture to…… Continue reading Lame shall leap like Naphtali