We overcome by knowing Father as source

The World is finding it’s “life” from the dark source of vain imagination therefore it is a place that is lost and in need of Jesus. For God so loved the World that HE GAVE HIS ONLY SON that whoever believes into Jesus shall come to know FATHER AS SOURCE AND ZOE LIFE. The world…… Continue reading We overcome by knowing Father as source

Paul’s amazing statements

The Apostle Paul was not taught his gospel by Peter or John or any other man…but the Lord Himself taught Paul by the revelation of the Spirit. Three statements among so many stand out to me that Paul had a huge picture of the love of God shown him that we scarcely understand. Among all…… Continue reading Paul’s amazing statements

you are called into His image

Yesterday I heard the DJ on a Christian radio station give his little preach on Romans 8:28. You know one of those little preaches at the end of the News segment which is supposed to encourage you and me? These days I can barely listen to what passes as Christian teaching. What the brother said…… Continue reading you are called into His image