The Gates are open!!

Gates are important structures. This morning Father told me to read Psalm 24. I knew that it contained word about Gates. I read and declared it’s declaration in faith into the heavens. “Lift up your gates ye princes and be ye lifted up ye everlasting doors, and the king of glory shall come in.”  (Ps…… Continue reading The Gates are open!!

Getting back on our bike

God does not change. His ways are still the same as when He dealt with Israel and today dealing with our stubborn hearts. Our refusal to obey God leads to chastening or trouble coming our way.  But then  when an enemy is allowed to rise up and overcome us we then blame and hate on…… Continue reading Getting back on our bike

Forgiven and healed through His atoning sacrifice

I spent the last hours of 2021 and into the early hours of the NEW DAY putting together some verses on the atoning work, forgiveness and healing of our Lord and Saviour. The music is from William Augusto.  To those who come here I pray that Jesus touches you and heals you. You only need…… Continue reading Forgiven and healed through His atoning sacrifice

My town

I am going on record and sticking my neck out in God here….I wanna declare something about the town we live in….Here goes…let it flow Lord Jesus! I declare that this town of Manjimup is a city set upon a hill –a light that cannot be hidden–a place of refuge and healing –a place where…… Continue reading My town

At your wits end?

Our lives can sometimes seem to swing so far from the centre that we get terrified and lose all hope of finding our way back again.  We are all different and I don’t pretend to know why other people swing out wide on their particular journey. But I believe that God has all of our ups and downs in Him